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The holidays are coming, and your guests are practically on their way already!

Your house is about to be invaded by well-meaning visitors, who are all going to need a place to sit, relax, and socialize with friends and family. Is your house ready to greet them?

Before the craziness of the holidays hits, it’s time to see whether you may need to replace your furniture! After all, your home is going to be the hub of the holidays, and we know you want your family and friends to feel comfortable sitting on your furniture. This is the dining room table where you will serve your best turkey yet! The chairs that will be filled with the family you only see once a year! The sofa where your kids will tear open their presents!

Sofa - Gray
Sofa - Gray

Let’s get your house holiday-ready together.

Best Furniture has the signs that tell you when your furniture is still going strong and when it’s time to head to the store. (Might we recommend Best Furniture?…). Here are our tricks to knowing when you need to replace your furniture!


For most pieces of furniture, the life expectancy will vary depending on these factors:

 Original materials
 How well it was constructed
 Amount of daily use
 Quality of care

On average however, this is how long you can expect these common household pieces to last:

 Sofa: 7-15 years
 Upholstered Chair: 7-10 years
 Wooden Chair: 10-15 years
 Dining Room Table: 15-20 years

If you are hitting these life expectancy marks, then you may want to think about replacing your furniture. You can also look out for more specific signs of wear, which we will discuss below based on each type of furniture!

Sofa and Upholstered Chair

There is nothing more satisfying than sinking into your favorite cushion on the sofa after a long day. But is that cushion giving out? And are your guests going to notice? The signs that you should replace your sofa or upholstered chairs are below!

• The seats are saggy and no longer offer any support
• The fabric is worn or stained
• The frame is breaking down or squeaking
• The color is fading due to direct sunlight
• The couch simply needs a more modern, fresh style or is no longer comfortable

Sofa - Gray
Table and Chairs

Dining Room Table and Chairs

The dining room is the staple of the holiday household. It is the place where everyone gathers together for a delicious meal and where you make a lot of your family memories. Let’s double check that your dining room table and chairs can stand up to the holiday hubbub! Check out the signs you should replace your dining room table or chairs below!

Dining Room Table

• The surface has become scratched, dented or burned
• The table is either too large or too small for the room or for your number of guests
• There is discoloration from direct sunlight or stains from condensation that simply won’t go away
• The table is leaning, rocking or otherwise unstable
• The style is out of date and you simply want a new look


Wooden Chairs

• Legs have become wobbly and dangerous
• If the chairs have upholstery, the fabric is frayed or has holes and stains
• The wood is splitting on the seat
• There are not enough chairs as your family continues to grow or the chairs no longer match the table or the dining room
• The chairs are no longer comfortable

Holiday Season
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