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Those beautiful autumn leaves are falling, which means it is time to cozy up your home and find your fall style! This season, it’s all about mixing and matching your favorite styles and bold colors to create a personal, unique look.   Best Furniture has the style tips to help you find your aesthetic and create a home look that is totally your own!  Explore our tips on the hottest interior design trends for this fall and get inspired.

Flower Power

It’s all about the oversized florals this fall to keep your home looking and feeling fresh!  If you do choose a floral stand-out piece, keep the rest of the room simple so it becomes a focal point.  Use the colors in your floral design as a guide to accessorizing.


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Staying Neutral

This can be an emphasis on natural looking furniture like stripped timbers and wood grain, or simply refraining from using a lot of color.  These pieces of furniture are often very textured to add interest without relying on color.  According to designers, grey is the new beige, so look out for this subtle but striking look for your own home!


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Going for Gold

Gold was a trend in spring and summer that is staying strong!  It’s a great accent color to create a sophisticated fall look for your home and bring a little sparkle back into your life.


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Black is the New Black

If you like the simple, monochrome look, then this trend is all for you! You can show off your striking black accessories in your home, big and small. To set your black off even more, you can use small white pieces or spots of color to really make it shine.


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Let's Get Bold and Graphic

This fall is also full of color and graphic patterns that let you stretch your imagination and think outside the box when it comes to style! You can’t help but feel happy when looking at the bright shades lighting up your home or the cool plaids that are a fall style staple. The key to not clashing? Keeping it modern!


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Blast from the Past

Antiques with a modern twist can add an old-fashioned and cozy feel to your home! These pieces are eye-catching and make a statement in your home. They can be reimagined with more modern finishes so that they are both durable and have extra flair.


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Loving the Blue

Rich jewel tones are huge this fall, with navy as THE color for the season!  This gentle color is perfect to prepare your home for those winter months.  It is well matched with our earlier gold trend and can be used in accessories and larger furniture pieces!


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Hand Crafted for Your Home

Designers are loving the folk-inspired furniture pieces that bring a hand-crafted, unique look to your space.  These are usually pieces that reflect the beauty and simplicity of nature and can help you bring that warm outdoors feel indoors during the chilly weather.  When it comes to these pieces, it is all about the little details and the textures, such as basket weave and wool.


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